1. What is a Transcript? How can statement of marks be attested?
Transcript is a record of student’s marks or grades achieved during their studies by educational institutions. It is officially signed and sealed by concerned college or education institute authorities or must be authorized by registrar.
Note: Transcript is not a consolidate statement of mark sheet.

2. What is the delivery time/period of transcript?
Delivery time/period depends on the processing time by college or university to university. The processing also includes the application evaluation time and processing duration at colleges or university. Normally, it takes one week to four weeks to get from university. Variation for expected date depends on the process duration from the source institute. To check the duration taken by the university clicks here.

3. Whether the transcript is issued by the education institution are delivered in envelopes with signature and seal by university officials?
All the transcripts which are delivered will bear signature and seal on the reverse flap of the envelope from the Registrar or concern authorized officials of the education institution.

4. What are the documents required to obtain transcript?
Documents asked by the education institutions differ as per their requirements.
Generally, document asked by the institutions are –

  • Scan copy of mark sheet and degree certificate.
  • Scan copy of request letter of transcripts.
  • Scan copy of self attested photo ID proof.

Why clear documents are asked?
Recipient institutions are very strict in receiving the documents failing in sending the precise documents, it may tend for rejection.
Document which are not eligible to obtain transcripts.

  • Scan copies which are unreadable/blurred.
  • Documents with cut off edges.
  • Scan copies which are small/large in size compared to Original ( A4 size).
  • Truncated unclear or missing of university seal and authorized seal.
  • Shadow or shiny patch on the documents.

Kindly be cautions and vigilant before submitting the documents. Otherwise, it will be loss of time.

If documents are oversized, how can I get into A4 size?
It is better you take to business center and get the size reduce to A4 and send it to us. Most UPS stores and FedEx kink us in US/Canada do document size reduction.

5. More than 2 to 3 transcripts orders are consolidated while shipping.
Yes, we can consolidate 2 or more transcripts order and shipped as per your requirement.

6. University will do direct shipment to WES, Canada?
Yes, University will do the direct shipment to Educational Credential Assessments such as WES, IQAS and other organization

1. Change of Shipping Address.No extra fee is charged for change of shipping address.

  • From Domestic to International - > as per invoice bill of Courier Service.
  • From International to Domestic - > balance amount will be refunded within 5 days.

Send a mail to support@truetranscript, as per below format:
Change of shipping address.
Application ID number:-
University Name:-
New Shipping Address:-

2. International shipping fee.

International shipping fee depends on the country of shipping. You can pay after invoice bill generated by courier service or Approximate shipping fee is given while collecting university fee, you can pay along with that.

Complete details from Start to End Process

1.Apply to TrueTranscript online

LogIn enters relevant details and place the request online. When you complete the process of the application, the process will start within a short time and you will receive a mail / a call from our supporting team.

2. Preparation of Application Packet

List of the document has to scan and upload to the Email. Our team will review documents and prepare the application packet and fee structure/an invoice will be intimated to you as per the requirement of the university.

3.Application packet submission to University

Prepared application packet with require all the document is submitted to the university on behalf of you within a time limit of 2-3 days and Fee Slip shared to you through mail to maintain transparency.

4.Follow Up with University

Our representative will follow up with the application and will update the status every week, to check your Application Status click here.

5. Direct shipment/Collection of Education records from the University

Regular follow up with a university, transparent update, and Direct Shipment /collection of Education records in a stipulated time period.

6.Ship across global

Reconfirm of shipping/recipient address and ship across the global, tracking number will be shared.

World Education Services Evaluation

1) Check the list of documents required for evaluation

2) Create an Account with WES

  • Enter all the relevant details, such as education background, evaluation degree & personal information.
  • Pay the service fee.
  • Choose local or international courier for shipping transcript.
  • After completing the online evaluation form, click on Submit.

3) You will get a 7 digit reference number. WES identifies your document based on this reference number and for communicates with WES. This reference number is also used for requesting your transcript from your university.

4) You have to send official transcript or Attestation of Mark sheets and Degree Certificate from the university and it as to be Direct ship/mail, in which you have completed your education. This is where TrueTranscript will help out

Our assist to you

TrueTranscript stand with you until your ECA (Evaluation) completes

1) Go to TrueTranscript Apply webpage and enter the relevant details. www.truetranscript.com
2) Our support team will contact and send the list of document required such as degree certificate, Marksheets, request letter and WES form. Attach all the computerized scan copies & sent it to help@truetranscript.com with your application ID number.
3) Download the Academic record request form from the WES website. Fill and sign in blue pen.
4) You can check your application status any time on our Application Status page.
5) 5. After transcript is Direct shipped / Collected from the university, you will receive a confirmation shipping mail from TrueTanscript indicating that your transcript directly shipped from the university or envelope has handed over to Logistics Company for delivery and courier bill will be shared.
6) When credential evaluator receive your documents they will send a confirmation email & after completion of evaluation you will receive an email notification from the credential evaluation agency

Others Educational Credential Assessments organization of Canada goes through their website for complete details.
IQAS - International Qualifications Assessment Service
ICAS - International Credential Assessment Service
ICES – BCIT: International Credential Evaluation Service
PEBC -The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada
CES - Comparative education service - University of Toronto

Note: Above mention steps are only intended for the purpose of illustration process. For exact details, kindly refer to your credential evaluation agency website.

Official Transcripts from the University/College

TrueTranscript Team assist to get official Transcript in sealed envelope with The Registrar/ The Controller of Examination signature and seal on the reverse flap. Our Team will apply with supporting documents and collect official Transcript on behalf of alumni within stimulate time period from the University/College.

Transcript Required for Educational Credential Assessments (ECA) Such as WES, IQAS and Overseas University.

For Autonomous College/ Deemed to University, Attestation by Some of Educational Intuitions may require the Original documents mark sheets and Degree certificate while getting the officials Transcript/ Mark sheets attestation.

Syllabus Copy from the University/College

Syllabus copy academic document include the complete details of course and subject information. Syllabus copy is obtain from the university library/academic Section along with relevant documents. Syllabus copy mainly required for higher studies or other immigration or employment verification process.

Medium of Instruction from the University/College

Academic document stating that medium of instruction, Teaching and writing, Conduct of Examination etc of course at college/ University is English for entire Duration. Medium of Instruction certificate mainly required of immigration or employment process.

Name correction in Mark sheet or Degree Certificate from the University/College

Change of name or spelling mistake in Full name in mark sheets or Degree Certificate is very big problem obtain EAC any other Immigration work. We required relevant documents and our team is provide hassle Free Service getting new name corrected Mark sheet or Degree certificate.

Duplicate Marks Sheet from the University/College

Academic document can be obtained from the University/college where the alumni completed gradation / post gradation / doctorate. We required additional supporting documents to prepare application packet.

1. FIR copy from police station - complaint stating that the certificates have been lost/ misplaced.
2. Affidavit Notary true copy- stating lost/ misplaced the marks sheet
3. Authorization letter address to the Registrar/ The Controller of examination.
With above supporting document, our team will submit on behalf of alumni and collect with stimulate time period

1. Submission date

University transcripts fee receipt will be shared; you do not have any doubt on the submission date.

2. Document status tracking

Regular follow up and transparent update of submission and collection. Easier to track the application status.

3. Logistic service – invoice bill generate by courier service will be shared; Know exact dispatched date

What is require Attestation/ Official Transcript

Depend on Evaluation Organization/University it various.

Documents require preparing an Application Packet

To prepare an application packet, it depends on University and various University to University some of basic supporting documents request letter/ Application form, all mark sheet, and degree certificate.

What is University Fee and Duration?

Every University as Fee structure and various university to university. Some university Fee depends on a number of sets require in some university it depends on a number of mark sheets.